Learn Hebrew Basics

Learn Hebrew Basics
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Updated to version 1.79!

App Name Learn Hebrew Basics
Version 1.79
OS Android 4.1
Updated 2022-06-23
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Do you want to learn Hebrew? Our app can help! Even If you've never studied Hebrew before. Get easy-to-consume lessons for beginners and an easy intuitive design that helps you learn in a fun and addictive way. Learning Hebrew is easier with features like “flashcards”, while reaching higher levels your Dragon-pet will grow, listen to the Native Hebrew speakers, and more.
Download the Free App and explore many ways to learn the language.

★ Choose your own Strategy
Our App lets you Choose your own strategy when you start to learn Hebrew. You can either begin by learning new words, take a quiz, use flashcards, or get a qualified teacher to learn faster.

★ Works Offline
The app is free to download & available on all your devices Offline! Yes, you heard it right! The app works both online and offline. You'll learn how to pronounce and write the essential Hebrew phrases even when you do not have access to Wi-Fi or the mobile internet.

★ Learn New Words
This course will teach you basic grammar and vocabulary to help better understand and speak the Hebrew language. It may seem like a daunting task to learn a new language, but with this App, you can learn Hebrew basics in no time! Get started and learn 30 essential Hebrew words today.

★ Learn Alphabets
The best way to learn Hebrew is by memorizing the alphabet. The App covers all the alphabets, from Alef to Tav. It's especially helpful for beginners who are trying to teach themselves or when children are learning Hebrew.

★ Reach new Levels and Grow your Dragon-pet
Our app is designed to get you started, enhance your understanding, and boost your language skills. With our expertly-curated lessons and interactive tools, it's easy to learn the language from the ground up.
Moreover, we provide a fun way that helps you to take regular quizzes and improve your language levels which also helps you grow your dragon on the way.

★ Flashcards
These flashcards are for all of our Hebrew learners, whether you're just starting out or have been studying for a while. With its unique and accessible learning experience, it's easy to pick up Hebrew and never stop learning.

★ Get Qualified Teachers
We work with highly qualified Hebrew teachers who offer easy-to-follow, interactive video lessons and texts for Beginners and Intermediate learners.
With our step-by-step method, you'll be speaking, understanding, and writing in Hebrew in no time!

★ English to Hebrew Transcriptions
Get instant, professional translations - anytime, anywhere. Our App contains translations from Hebrew to English, English transcription, and words in Hebrew itself.

★ Multi-Language Support
Our application supports translations of Hebrew from English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi and Arabic Languages. We are working on further development and expansion of our database to support more regional and international languages.

★ Listen to Native Hebrew Speakers
Listen to native Hebrew speakers as they teach you fundamental vocabulary and grammar in Hebrew.

★ Get in Touch
If you don't love it, we'll fix it. Android app users are our most important customers and you can get in touch with the developer through the settings menu and give your suggestions and point out bugs.
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