Knife Smash :Knife Hit,Smash

Knife Smash :Knife Hit,Smash
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  • Version: 1.1
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Updated to version 1.1!

Game Name Knife Smash :Knife Hit,Smash
Version 1.1
Developer Dob's
OS Android 4.1
Updated 2023-03-07
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Knife Smash :Knife Hit,Smash
About this game
Knife Hit or Knife smash: is a simple and fun game with throwing knives at a target that will lead. Each opponent has a unique mechanics, so to win you need precision in stabbing and attention with good reflexes to find your approach to each wheel! Playing or winning, we will collect coins to buy new knives that serve not only for throwing, but also unlock new opponents. Each wheel can be encountered in two knife throwing competitions. The first one is Knife wheel. All wheel are open at the same time, and they must be defeated one by one, going through all levels while spending the minimum of attempts and setting new records.
The second is a Knife vs Knife. With all the bosses unlocked, you can have a short fight that serves as training for the main Knife Master path, and you can also get some coins and earn crowns that show your knife throwing prowess versus that opponent.

Features of Knife Smash:
• Knife Smash :Knife Hit,Smash - is an easy-to-learn knife throwing game!
• Knife Smash :Knife Hit,Smash or Knife smash - these are unique bosses, battles with each of which take place in 10 stages, with their own mechanics for competition and setting records in throwing knives!
• Knife Smash :Knife Hit,Smash - is a nice graphics with the ability to customize to optimize the game process to make throwing knives more comfortable on your device!

Knife Trip - wheel:
• Knife Hit wheel“Saw” - is a starting boss with saw tooth obstacles. It won't cause much trouble if you throw knives accurately.
• Knife Hit wheel"Witch" - an unpleasant person, to defeat which some accurate knife throws are not enough, you still need to collect the necessary ingredients for the potion.
• Knife Hit wheel"Indian" - a hippie, a man of peace and love, the main enemy here is not him, but a rainbow, throw knives more carefully!
• Knife Hit wheel"Samurai" - a cunning boss, when throwing a knife, you need to watch out for enemy knifes that may be hiding.
• Knife Hit wheel“Cyborg” - is a dangerous electric boss. When throwing knives, avoid hitting the electric spheres, which generate discharges and greatly complicate the battle.
• Knife Hit wheel“Cook” - is a strong boss and to win we throw knives accurately while collecting the right amount of milk, this is his weakness!
• Knife Hit wheel"Mushroom" - a bit crazy boss, defeating him will interfere with mushroom smoke, you need to be careful with where you throw knives.
• Knife Hit wheel"Pirate" - when fighting with him, try not to throw knives at the torches, or victory may elude you!
• Knife Hit wheel"Clown" - an evil clown with his tricks. Do not rush to throw knives, otherwise everything will quickly go wrong!
• Knife Hit wheel"Sunny" - "Sweet" sun is always very hot. When throwing knives at a target, watch carefully for its scions!
• Knife Hit wheel"Biker" - the main obstacle, in the form of a chain, can cause a lot of trouble, but throwing knives accurately, you can find a weak link in her!
• Knife Hit wheel"Jedi" - his strength in the ability to swap objects. Throw knives only when you are sure that the obstacle is safe!

WARNING!!! Wheel can cause a lot of problems during the passage, and not everyone will be able to defeat them on the first, second, tenth attempt! ... in general, not immediately! The main thing is not to be nervous, not to freak out, but simply to stubbornly pump your knife throwing skill to go to victory, which after many attempts will definitely bring a lot of pleasure from realizing your superiority and skill! Let's go for the wins and the new records!

Have Fun and Good Game!

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4.9 (12)
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  • Installs 10+
  • Rated for 12+ years
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