Pregnant Mom Pregnancy Game

Pregnant Mom Pregnancy Game
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game اسم Pregnant Mom Pregnancy Game
الاصدار 1.0
المطور Oacian Games
يتطلب نسخة اندرويد للاندرويد 4.1
أخر تحديث 2023-08-29

تحميل Pregnant Mom Pregnancy Game game للاندرويد

Welcome to our latest Pregnant Mom Pregnancy game. You take on the role of a pregnant mother in this virtual mother pregnancy game. You face a variety of health problems while playing a role of a pregnant mom. You ask your doctor to check on you every day. The doctor will provide you with advice on medications, certain daily yoga poses, pregnancy difficulties, and pregnancy advice. As a pregnant lady, you take good care of your health by eating healthy and practicing yoga every day as your doctor advised. The virtual dad must help the expectant mother with household tasks like washing kitchen utensils in this pregnant mom's Pregnancy life 3D.
A good dad assists the mother in this expectant mom's pregnancy 3D life Game. In this virtual mother pregnancy game of family life with a pregnant mommy, the wife and husband stay together. When moms in the community inquire about your health, you reply that you are expecting. The family advises you to take a pregnancy test each day. Everyone in the mom circle will ask about her pregnancy and inform you about the pregnancy guide. In this mother simulator game, being a single mother lets you expand your family and take care of your family. When you take a routine birth check-up and visit your regular doctor, the doctor will let you know that you will soon become a mother and will let your virtual husband know that you need mommy care. In this pregnant mom Pregnancy game, pregnant moms will help you get through childbirth.
In this virtual life babysitting game, you will learn to take care of the mother and the new baby. Your delivery time has begun in the pregnant mom pregnancy life 3D, and you have given birth to a newborn child. You will now have to feed your baby and take care of all of the babysitting duties in your daily routine. The pregnant woman is excited to give child, and you will have complete control of your virtual pregnant mother simulator. Do what feels best for the mom and the baby in this mom pregnancy life 3D game. After nine months of care, your baby, who can be a girl or a boy, is born in this simulator game. You can have fun with your twin's child in this pregnancy mom-baby twins game.
The pregnancy childcare routine must still be followed, and it entails getting enough sleep, exercising, taking vitamins, and adhering to a mom healthy diet. It's not simple to be pregnant and take care of a baby. Visit your doctors regularly in this mother pregnant virtual life game. In case there are any complications during childbirth, you should also be ready for a hospital emergency in this pregnancy surgical game.
Features of Pregnant Mom Pregnancy Game:
Perform daily family life activities as pregnant mother
Adventure and baby care virtual mother pregnancy game
High HD graphic in pregnant mom simulator game
Enjoy household activities and tasks to mummy gameplay
Pregnant Mom Pregnancy Game is presented by “Oacian Games”
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