Music Player - SIMPL

Music Player - SIMPL
  • للاندرويد 4.1 للاندرويد
  • الاصدار: 4.0
  • 4 MB

قم بالتحديث لأحدث نسخة 4.0!

تطبيق اسم Music Player - SIMPL
الاصدار 4.0
المطور Jatin Vij
يتطلب نسخة اندرويد للاندرويد 4.1
أخر تحديث 2023-02-05
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تحميل Music Player - SIMPL تطبيق للاندرويد

Listen to your music without complication
We know very well how important your time is.

Simpl Music Player is focused on one thing, enjoy your music. Use our music player while you are relaxed at home, working, running, or maybe while you are driving in your car.

🎧The best part, it is fast and easy to install and enjoy your favorite music.

You can bring your music everywhere: walking on your way to home, or into the gym, hiking on the mountain, driving to your job, etc. Default music player is offline, which means you don't need the internet to enjoy music.
Simpl Music player is an unique music player, encompassing the perfect blend of simple and elegant design and functionality. Our default music player is renowned for its high fidelity audio playback. Use it to play local music!

Maximum music experience with our music player. Thank you for choosing the music player Simpl!
• Automatically Detects songs in your local device which you can play seamlessly.
• Simple to use
• Simple User Interface
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4 (252452)

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