Urban Out Burst

Urban Out Burst
  • للاندرويد 4.1 للاندرويد
  • الاصدار: 1.0.0
  • 292 MB

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لعبه اسم Urban Out Burst
الاصدار 1.0.0
المطور Hide in the bush
يتطلب نسخة اندرويد للاندرويد 4.1
أخر تحديث 2023-05-25
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تحميل Urban Out Burst لعبه للاندرويد

Welcome to the streets of New York! In Urban Out Burst, the law of the strongest dictates. Through action game elements, beat'em up, and incremental RPG, you will be immersed in fun Gameplay with lots of progression options.

In this addictive video game, you will experience the harshness of the worst neighborhoods in the city through a dangerous, fun adventure. Not only will you face the most respected gang members and neighbors in each district, but you will learn to tame your own inner fears: the main objective is revenge.

With a realistic 3D environment and amazing animations, you'll progress through different levels while facing off against charismatic enemies, earning respect in town, and becoming filthy rich. Download now and start your adventure!
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