Thunder Samurai Defend Village

Thunder Samurai Defend Village
  • للاندرويد 4.1 للاندرويد
  • الاصدار: 2.0.3
  • 61 MB

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game اسم Thunder Samurai Defend Village
الاصدار 2.0.3
المطور Tegralyn
يتطلب نسخة اندرويد للاندرويد 4.1
أخر تحديث 2023-10-03

تحميل Thunder Samurai Defend Village game للاندرويد

Play as a samurai who has to protect his village from ruthless invaders. Survive waves of invader attacks, collect coins, upgrade your stats and survive even more.


Defeat invaders to unleash your thunder ability, master it and call the lightning upon your enemies. Enjoy the lightning show following by defeated invaders.


Collect coins from invaders you defeated and upgrade your health, attack range and thunder buff duration in order to survive further.


Be careful with your attacks, do not swing your katana for nothing. It may break your balance causing your next attack to delay.


The game supports 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.
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