Hide and Go Seek: Hide Daddy

Hide and Go Seek: Hide Daddy
  • Android 4.1 Android
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • 83 MB

Updated to version 1.0.1!

game Name Hide and Go Seek: Hide Daddy
Version 1.0.1
Developer Tap2View
OS Android 4.1
Updated 2023-11-30
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Find daddy where is he escape from the various objects in hide and go seek prank
Are you ready to challenge your mind and escape from the different objects in hide and prank find daddy? Hide from dad and escape from the room very sharply in a camouflage hide and seek puzzle game. In this hide and go seek, you will enjoy the fun with prank daddy. Hide yourself in different objects and sneakily escape from the daddy in this Hide and Go Seek: Hide Daddy. You will sneakily visit the house and hide from the daddy in a hide and go seek. If the you feel any threats of the daddy, then he will hide in the most unexpected places in the home who's daddy hide and go seek. Then sneakily get out of the various objects and reach the finish points in hide and go seek daddy hunt. This hide and go seek game is full of fun and challenging adventures, you will enjoy thrilling hidden tasks. You will face lots of hurdles, but he will hide yourself in unexpected places of the home in this hide and go seek dad escape. If daddy catches you, then he will be sitting in the swing in this Hide and Go Seek: Hide Daddy. Hide from daddy in wooden boxes when dad gets out from the room, then he will move out from the box in a hide and go seek. The hide and prank find daddy is just enjoyable game you need. Each level is more interesting from the other because you will never experience of this hide from daddy dad escape.

In this Hide and Go Seek: Hide Daddy, embark on a mind-challenging adventure in the world of the find daddy game that promises not just an escape, but a hilarious journey filled with unexpected twists! Get ready to outsmart daddy and make your great escape from each room with cunning precision. The hide and go seek who is daddy unfolds its entertaining challenges, blending the excitement of hide-and-seek with the strategic allure of escape missions. Faced with hurdles aplenty, cleverly conceals escape in the most unexpected corners of the home. Witness the adorable tension as you hide in wooden boxes, awaiting the perfect moment to emerge once daddy has left the room in a hide and go seek find daddy. In this delightful hide-and-seek escapade, you will immerse yourself in the playful antics of a mischievous. Navigate through the house, concealing yourself behind various objects, and execute sneakily clever escapes from daddy's watchful gaze.

But beware, if daddy catches a glimpse of the elusive, a swing session awaits! It's a game of wit, stealth, and laughter, with every successful evasion bringing you closer to the finish line. Get ready to revel in the joy of finding the perfect hiding spot outsmarting daddy, and triumphantly reaching those elusive finish points. This Hide and Go Seek: Hide Daddy is not just a game, it's a challenging mind puzzle and fun that will leave you giggling and strategizing your way to victory. You will control yourself to pass through all the hurdles and obstacles to hide from the daddy. The Hide and Go Seek: Hide Daddy game is full of fun and mind challenge game where you will find daddy where is he and escape from different objects.
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