Cube God's Number

Cube God's Number
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Updated to version 5.0!

game Name Cube God's Number
Version 5.0
Developer Cube Apps Studio
OS Android 4.1
Updated 2023-08-17

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The smallest number of moves needed to solve any configuration of the Rubik's Cube, a number that cube aficionados refer to as "God's number" At long last, Magic Cube: God's Number has been shown to be 20.

In this Cube God's Number Cube, you can change the default Rubik's cube colors, to fruits or cartoon as per you like to play and solve.

In this Cube God's Number app we are providing two solving methods.

1) Layer by layer (Beginner CFOP/Fridrich)
The CFOP method (Cross – F2L – OLL – PLL), sometimes known as the Fridrich method, is one of the most commonly used methods in speedsolving a 3×3×3 Rubik's Cube, also called Layer-By-Layer. Primarily, the cube can be solved in a layer by layer approach using only 4 algorithms. An algorithm is a sequence of moves (a turn of one of the six sides). When you have memorized the four algorithms and the situations in which to perform them, you will be able to solve a Rubik's cube within one minute.

2) Two phase algorithms. (Kociemba's) Gods Algorithm
A computer algorithm for solving the 3x3x3 cube, created by Herbert Kociemba. Mathematics and several decades of research has proved that any scramble cube can be solved in under 20 moves using two phase algorithms by kociemba's.

So start to learn and memorize the steps shown in this app, to solve any Rubik's cube in 20 moves.

* References to understand cube's_Cube#Move_notation's_cube_notation

Cool Cube Facts
* The Rubik's Cube is an iconic puzzle toy.
* But it is mathematically complicated - there are 43 quintillion possible configurations of the Cube.
* Over 30 years after the Cube was invented, a group of mathematicians showed, using a bank of supercomputers at Google, that any cube could be solved in at most 20 moves.

Freedom: This app is free for lifetime, No hidden cost & renewals, and no need for login. So have fun.
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