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Astral Vision Astrology
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Updated to version 6.0.0!

app Name Astral Vision Astrology
Version 6.0.0
Developer animatriz
OS Android 4.1
Updated 2022-12-19

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An advanced Astrology App for everyone.

Handles both Western Tropical and Hindu/Sidereal/Vedic Astrology.

A refreshingly new design that will be useful to many whether they run YouTube Channels, write for astrology blogs, do professional consultations, or simply want to know about the Horoscope of themselves and their loved ones.

For beginners:
- You can get easy and unambiguous textual and visual information about planets (including Sun, Moon, Nodes - Rahu & Ketu) and the ascendant in signs including retrograde status at the time of your Birth.

- You can get the transit chart of any day and find out the same information including the Retrograde status of the entities.

For everyone:
Western astrology: natal, transit, dispositions, geometric aspects, progressions. Progressions can be used to cast out stunningly accurate yearly Horoscope that is very personal to you and thousand time accurate than ordinary Sun, Moon, Rising horoscope for the year. Everything combined with geometric aspects makes the Western System a very powerful tool that will even be helpful for Vedic Astrologers as the Geometric aspects can help pin down which house receives the maximum negative or positive impact.

Vedic Astrology: State of the art toolkit for Vedic astrologers and followers of Sidereal Hindu astrology. The App features Prashari concepts like dispositions, aspects, lordships, functional beneficity, and the Bhavat Bhavam principle. The App also features Nakshatra positions, Divisional charts, Dadghda Rashis, Dhruva Nadi concepts like Navamsa Tulya Rashi, D9 Amsa, Amsa Gains - all of which are critical to judge Vimshottari Dashas and useful in Advanced Predictive Astrology in general. Speaking of Dashas, it has Mahadasha, Antardashas/Bhuktis, and Pratyantar Dashas along with Dasha Lagna Analysis and Mahadasha Lord Progression (as codified in Chandrakala Nadi). In terms of Bhrigu Astrology, it has the Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP) with Chakra Ruler and concepts from Bhrigu Nandi Nadi. Both these Bhrigu techniques can be used to find out stunningly accurate yearly predictions that are thousand times accurate than ordinary Gochar Phalas. Lastly, Gochara or Transit chart can also be gotten to analyse the motion of the moon and the effects of various planets on the Moon and the Sun with great ease for daily predictions.

Note; This version of the App is mostly functional and useful even if some of the premium features are capped per saved user. The unlimited version of the App is not at all subscription based and can be gotten for a lifetime at a small one-time fee payable at the play store itself using debit card, credit cards, wallets, and other standard forms of payment specified and secured by Google.

The one time fee for 'Astral Vision Unlimited' is a significantly cheaper than the subscription based apps out there that charge you yearly without giving you ownership as well those apps that run on Desktops or Laptops. Don't hesitate to make this small investment for yourself today since the App is going to get into Subscription model few years down the line.

For use cases -

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